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We directed a PR documentary, for the Fire Fighters Charity and an advertising campaign for the Bedford Fire Service.

The documentary was aired on Channel 5, Sky and numerous other major media outlets and was central in the charities bid to become one of the Telegraph’s Charities of the Year 2018.

We shot our documentary cutaways at the Fire Service College, following the Bedford Fire Service as they trained for the day.

With our unused doc B roll we decided to create a campaign
of recruitment ads (thought up in post-production) for the Bedford Fire Service.

We based it on the idea of teams being synonymous with sport and the concept
of a 'real team'.



Injury Time. Recruitment Advert.      Bedford Fire Service. 1 min spot.

Anchor 2

Late Kick-off. Recruitment Advert.      Bedford Fire Service. 45 sec spot.

Anchor 3

Tactics. Recruitment Advert.      Bedford Fire Service. 45 sec spot.

Anchor 4

Yellow Card. Recruitment Advert.      Bedford Fire Service. 30 sec spot.

Anchor 5

Smoke. Recruitment Advert.      Bedford Fire Service. 45 sec spot.

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