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What is the best editing software? POLL

The age old debate...which is the best consumer- professional video editing software?

What's the best editing software?

  • 0%FCPX

  • 0%Adobe Premiere

  • 0%DaVinci

  • 0%Other

Product reviews are great if you want to compare products or gear for your readers. They'll keep coming back to you for your expertise and real world examples.

Every reliable product review should start with an introductory paragraph. This is your chance to hook your readers right in and let them know what to expect. Are you reviewing one product or comparing a few? What is the full name of the product(s)? Share with your readers your expertise in this area; your frustration with products out in the market that haven’t met your needs; and why this review will offer them the ins and outs of the product’s benefits.


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