Brand build

mighty&co. Social ad, loop. Basic and expected services made to look novel or new.

Google proof of branding, one day challenge 2020. 

Test to create a brand in a day, where branding and content alone could make a huge entry impact into a saturated market and prove it in actual conversations/sales.


We chose movers, man with van, to alter perception. Google Cross-Advertised the brand and received 141 requests for services on day one, 78% female (target), compared to 0 on neutral ad with exactly the same google/live placements and material. 


All content, films, scripts, mockups, logos, website etc made in a day (10 hours) including concepts.



mighty&co. Intro.


mighty&co. Logo.


mighty&co. Van mockups 1/3.

mighty&co. Van mockups 2/3.

mighty&co. Van mockups 3/3.

mighty&co. Boxes.

mighty&co. COVID-19 Packaging.


mighty&co. Print flyers.

mighty&co. Digital flyers.


mighty&co. Website.


mighty&co. Docuvert. Doc that is actually an advert, for brand authenticity. 

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